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RWP20.41   M & H  Funk-Measuring sensor 20.41-ME. 1x battery type PP3 , 1x key SW 2,5. 2 x keys SW 2. 1x key SW 1, 3. 4 x leveling screw DIN913 M4x8 SW2; 1X mounting Pin. 2x hook key. Manual RWP20.41  
RWP20.10   M & H  Probe signal 20.10-HSK63A-ME  
95.40-HH   M & H  Horizontal Halter with screws DIN912 M6x12 (2x)  
91.00-S   M & H  M & H 91.00-S  
91.0-T50/6   M & H  M & H 91.0-T50/6  
25.50-PP-HSK63A-WS   M & H  M & h Infrared measuring probe IRP25.50-PP * Activation via coolant or spindle blow-out air> 3.5 bar * 1x production probe 41.00-PP * 1x hollow cone HSK63 form A * 1x battery (9V, 1200 mAh, lithium) 25.50-TB * 1x Operating instructions * 1x case  
91.00-T53/6-KE-M4   M & H  Stylus M4. Lenght 53mm. Ball 6mm  
9130-ST10   M & H  Specific signal cable  
All products   M & H  M & H All products  
91.00-S-M4/M4   M & H  Stylus adapter with rated break point  

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